Tim and Carol Williamson

"My wife and I started construction of a new home in 2004.  Our agreement was that I should handle how the house worked, and she would handle how it looked.  With that, I started my research.  To make a long story shorter, I learned that energy efficiency is a team effort among many people.  The person that continually answered my questions and gave solutions to my problems was Clark Lowery of BC's Heating and Air.  He recommended a single four ton Water Furnace unit for my 3600+ square foot home.  I was doubtful this was enough tonnage for a house this size.  When questioned, Clark responded, "If you build your house right, it's more than enough".  We followed his recommendations for ducts, insulation, windows, ventilation, water heater, and more.  The package works!  Our electricity bill is under $200 per month and we are all electric.  We even pump our own water.  The unit has been trouble free and the service great.  When you build a new home there is always the tendency to say "If I could do it over, I would change this or that" I have no regrets about my heating/air unit or the people that care for it.  Our house is very comfortable and for an energy cost most people simply do not believe.  Thanks Clark!!!"